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R. Hudson Carr, Inc. was founded in 02/2002. The primary purpose was to offer administration services to employee covered under fully-funded or partial funded group health insurance products. The corporation's focus changed in 2004 and added individual business coaching and business strategic planning. 

R. Hudson Carr, Inc over its 15 year evolution serves as the managing company for its divisions and subsidiary in present day.

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MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS is a professional sales, marketing, consulting firm specializing  in the credit card industry we're here to help your business. Starting from a full service merchant solution resource company that you may need for business planning to upcoming goals and dreams, we’re here to help you achieve your vision. We’re not just the credit card guy we’re your professional credit card financial partner. 

Merchant Service Consultants was founded as a division of R. Hudson Carr, Inc in October, 2011.

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Business Development

R. Hudson Carr, Inc. under its business development division Referral Partner Network was given an opportunity in 2015 to help bring a struggling company back to life. Before the project got completely off the ground the existing owner decided to close the door after 18 years. 

R. Hudson Carr, Inc. created a subsidiary company to manage this project. In September 2015 Heatwaves NG LLC T/A Heatwaves Tanning Kutztown was founded. In 2017, R Hudson Carr Inc. founded an additional subsidiary to develop services in the spa arena. A New Day Beginning LLC will bring more services to pamper those stressful days.

Heatwaves Tanning Kutztown

A message from the founder.

 I have owned and jointly managed various business enterprises over my 35 + years in the business arena. Throughout that time there was very little support for young entrepreneur's or struggling existing businesses to get help without creating a cost that just didn't fit the budget. I found that "being at the top" can be "lonely" there is some true in the fable Chicken Little everyone wants to share in the eating of the bread, but most don't want to help in the preparation or baking of the bread when serious decisions need to be made. I began to realize that there was a need for a company to offer professional resources, management support to those business who just weren't there financially to hire internal staff. I decided to create and pursue developing a resource, management, consulting firm which I named after my father R. Hudson Carr. My father had a vision but just didn't have the opportunity or the understanding to follow his dream so I picked up the dream and continued to develop it.

There is nothing more gratifying than to share the many ideas and expertise that I have realized during those years with other up and coming entrepreneurs. There is true in our shared environment when we place ourselves into a positive mindset through positive behavior our opportunities for growth increase. The same is said when we surround ourselves with negative behavior we lose our motivation, self-esteem and fall into that dark trap of feeling sorry for being alive. I feel that each of us may have come into this world as different individual people with different environmental challenges which could range from physical, family, ethnic, philosophy, gender, but there is one common denominator we are all given a brain that has the power of reason, problem solving, evaluating so choose your future environment carefully. Remember our brain is a muscle if left alone is become unusable, negative, but with exercise it increases the opportunity for better performance. Here is your opportunity to break the chain of dysfunction find a mentor a role model. Keep this in focus if you seek a false goal, financial wealth, material possessions without working on your environmental balance you end your quest with disappointment. I have witness professional people reach the top of their game only to fall prey to the environment they overlooked to change success comes with personal balance.

My life experiences have show me that using a business consultant, coach or whatever title we use for a mentor could influence failure or success.

R. Hudson Carr, Inc. over the last 12 years has diversified by creating specialize divisions that target market places that would help your business pursue that successful balanced environment. We have developed strategic partnerships with professional organization to help our clients grow.

Sincerely,    Robert H. Carr, Jr.


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