Our company mission, vision, purpose, and values are summarized as follows:

Our mission is to offer opportunity to young entrepreneurs, business owners, by empowering, encouragement and educating them how to use effective operational, administration tools that will help turn their visions into success.


R. Hudson Carr, Inc. and it's strategic partners offers professional services ranging from strategic planning, administration training, general record keeping services, customer retention programs, marketing, support, encouragement, and variety of professional resources. We serve as your mentors with your vision, your goals, your success.   


R. Hudson Carr, Inc. and our Strategic Partners provide professional business services starting with a personal sit down to explore the many options available. We define our services as follows:

Basic Goals:

  1. Ethical, effective, professional evaluation and low cost business coaching services to our clients;
  2. Fair and honest in all our dealing with our vendors and other associates with whom we come in contact;
  3. Stimulating and rewarding work for our client's; and
  4. Optimal return to our business owners. 

Our Client Base:
Start-up companies, self-employed, small or mid-size business with 50 or less employees.
Our Geographic Area:
Initially, the Eastern United States with a suitable base of small and mid-size business to provide sufficient market for our start-up and small business consulting services 


 Strategic Planning:

  1. Plans
  2. Consulting - Coaching
  3. Competition Change
  4. Responsibility
  5. Future Goals
  6. Quality Planning
  7. Communication Planning